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CRESTA provides temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire services. Our recruiting experts don’t just match a job description to a résumé. We take the time to understand the nuances of our client’s business. By understanding where a company is now and where it wants to be, we place top-tier employees that not only fill your immediate needs, but also grow with you into the future. From junior associate to the C-suite, we use the same fundamental strategy, understand then engage.

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CRESTA specializes in providing companies with highly skilled, full-time employees. We do all the legwork for the business, including recruitment, screening, salary negotiation, reference and background checks. Our recruitment methodologies are rigorously objective as well as fact-based. We use a proprietary skills matrix to ensure our candidates are both a cultural and personality fit for your organization.


Frequently CRESTA works with companies looking to build best-in-class operations without bringing some of those functions under their own roof. We can help respond to high priority areas of need and make critical changes to accomplish significant outcomes in finance and human capital management. We have demonstrated success in improving cash flow and successfully implementing organizational changes that you need to sustain efficiency and effective service delivery.


Our temporary staffing services provide businesses with skilled professionals on a temporary and temporary-to-hire basis. CRESTA employs the selected temporary candidate as a W2 employee, or under a subcontracting agreement. CRESTA focuses on maximum efficiency and minimum overhead to offer the best possible compensation to the employee, and the most competitive bill rate to your organization. Our recruiting and qualifying procedures ensure that the selected temporary employee is the very best candidate available at that time.

Some organizations want to make sure there is a good fit before committing to hiring someone for a full-time position. That is why we offer assignments on a contract-to-hire basis and charge a conversion fee if you hire the consultant full-time within a specified period of time.


Let CRESTA help you alleviate your administrative payroll burdens. From traditional payroll services to managed solutions with a-la-carte value-added options, we’ll work with you to develop a customized payroll outsourcing plan that will streamline your talent strategy and helpmeet your business goals.